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Outsourcing is not for everyone. However, most property management firms should seriously consider outsourcing to remain competitive. Many successful companies in other industries are currently using outsourcing to reduce costs, refocus resources, fund innovation, support growth initiatives, and ultimately improve profitability. In short, outsourcing helps companies to achieve competitive advantage in today’s ever-changing economy.

Businesses should consider that whether or not they choose to outsource, competitors very likely will. Real estate organizations have historically focused on implementing solutions for on site income and expense improvements. Less attention and focus has been placed on reducing corporate level expenses and developing a more scalable organization structure. Outsourcing and Business Process improvement strategies can offer companies the ability to smart-size and to maintain the potential for flexibility.

Outsourced Accounting Services provides firms with three benefits: Cost Reduction, Staffing Simplification and Productivity & Performance improvement.

Cost Reduction

Outsourced services can save 40% or more in Accounting Costs for a typical property management firm. We are able to leverage our lower cost structure through our offshore operations center, process expertise and our ability to scale to deliver these benefits to our clients.

Staffing Simplification

Finding and retaining skilled and motivated staff can be a challenge requiring recruiting, interviewing and training staff often to lose them through attrition. Remote staffing offers a scalable and reliable solution allowing managers to focus on core business issues.

Productivity and Performance

Because of up to 12 hour time difference between US and India, functions as a night shift for its clients. Freeing your staff from routine processing permits them to be more productive. Our employees are college-educated, trained and fluent English speakers. Without the distractions found in most US workplaces, both efficiency and accuracy at our center is very high.

Intellisys has a strong Real Estate Accounting legacy with approximately 70% of Intellisys’ BPO revenues coming from the Realty Industry. Our domain expertise in Accounting and Finance, combined with cutting edge technology expertise in packages such as Yardi, JDEdwards, RealPage, MRI, GreatPlains and others enables us to assist our clients meet their strategic and business objectives. Our BPO services covers the entire business cycle right from creating a process to reengineering the existing processes to and establishing a seamless center.

Key Benefits of our Realty Offerings include:

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