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The Generic Model for Expedited Software Testing (GEMSt) is born out of our enormous experience in software testing. It is an overarching framework permeating all phases of testing – planning, design, execution, reporting and management. GEMSt encompasses a host of processes, templates, tool sets and libraries, and specific frameworks. GEMSt is targeted at effecting significant reductions in test cycle times. The key components of the GEMSt framework are as illustrated below. 

The key components of GEMStinclude the following.

Intellisys Test Estimation Model (ITEM):

This proprietary estimation model is unique in that it has the flexibility to cater to different types of test estimation situations. It encapsulates the knowledge from years of our experience in developing test strategies and estimates for a wide variety of applications and technologies.

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4-Aces Framework for QA Consulting:

This proprietary consulting framework systematizes what can be a very inefficient and ineffective job otherwise – that of analyzing and re-aligning the QA strategy of an organization. The framework has been used successfully for over a dozen consulting engagements and has delivered immense business value to its customers.

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Risk-based Test Strategy Framework:

Getting the test strategy right is one of the prime factors for determining the success of your testing effort. Our unique framework helps you adopt a risk-based approach to developing the test strategy for your project, balancing coverage and effort.

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Design Driven Test Automation framework (DDTAF):

Our Design-Driven Test Automation Framework (DDTAF) is one of the most powerful inclusions in the GEMSt framework. DDTAF enables generation of test scripts based on application design, thus short circuiting a significant portion of the test automation process, and expediting the testing cycle.

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Automated Data Generator (ADG):

Our proprietary data generation engine allows large volumes of data to be created in a short span of time and is extremely helpful for data driven testing. It can produce application specific data or test case specific data. It has powerful configurable features for volume of data, type of data (positive, negative, boundary and equivalence classed), defining data types and data formats, defining business rules and so on. It supports multiple databases, and offers easy integration with other GEMSt tool sets.

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