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We service a wide range of industry domains. We deliver our solutions through a powerful combination of industry-specific processes, knowledge assets and frameworks, and service delivery innovation. Our service offerings span the following industries:


We have always had a vital presence in the insurance sector. Our experience in the insurance industry has resulted in more than 200 projects over the past 10 years. One clientele includes a top home insurer and a leading car insurer in the United States for whom we have done several prestigious projects including development of an auto rate quote system.

Banking and Financial Services:

The banking and financial services (BFS) industry has been a showcase of our capabilities and global reach. The 21st century has witnessed several significant business and technological changes in the BFS industry, and Intellisys has been proud to be associated with those changes. The quality of our services has helped our clients achieve accolades like Euromoney's Best Bank in Asia Award For Excellence 2001 and the Best of the Web by Forbes. Our BFS clientele include one of the largest banks in the U.S., and the largest financial services institution listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Some of the services we have offered to enhance the product offerings within the finance industry include:


Our goal for clients in the education arena is simple; to help plan, deploy, and manage technology solutions with the right blend of best-in-class content. Of the several solutions and services we have offered within the education segment are: Performance testing of human resource applications. Intellisys Web-Learning Suite with integrated whiteboard, video-conferencing and online test features

Transportation and Logistics:

We have been a key player in the transportation industry through our knowledge and expertise in integrating technologies such as smart cards, bill validators and point-of-sale systems. We have excelled in the research and development of embedded systems for our clients resulting in products that enhance the journey satisfaction of the end traveler. We have worked diligently with all our service offerings for the private sector as well as the public transportation domain, and have won several return engagements with our customers. Our clients are industry leaders who provide cutting edge products based on proven technology.


We have served the manufacturing industry with distinction. We have helped our clients achieve considerable improvements in their production processes by virtue of our expertise ERP, SCM and the like. Our projects have included development of supply chain management portals, online product configurators, and eBusiness components. Our customers include sister concerns of Fortune companies. Amongst them is a leading supplier of tools, accessories and testing equipment for the wire and cable industry, an industry pioneer and premier provider of materials management programs, and one of the world’s leading business-to-business marketers of quality safety and industrial supplies.


Retail is a highly competitive industry segment in which the role of IT in creating and furthering competitive advantage need not be over-emphasized. Our services and experience in retail have helped clients to compete in the new retail value paradigm that includes collaborative commerce with customers, suppliers and service providers. Our e-Strategy services help clients evaluate options and set priorities as they create their e-business roadmap in each of their operating arenas - B2Consumer, B2Business, and B2Associate.


Telecommunications has undergone dramatic changes in the past few years and we have been at the forefront in providing solutions to our clients in this industry. Our products and services focus on addressing key customer issues – increasing revenues, controlling costs, and reducing risk. Our client list is made up of some of the world’s leading communication companies including 


The explosion of the Internet has resulted in a huge demand for digital music. We have been working with our clients in a variety of projects – from developing applications that cater to production and distribution of digital music to ePlayer products similar in vein to RealPlayer. In the movie-making genre, we have created packaging software that can be used to package movie clippings. Our client list includes some of the titans in this industry including the world’s leading music company. Some of the services we have offered to enhance the product offerings within the entertainment industry include:

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