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Working at Intellisys

As a small-sized but significant player in the global IT arena, working with us can present you with several exciting prospects. You will work in a corporate climate that fosters innovation and total ownership. Regardless of the experience level at which you enter, you will find enough opportunities that excite you. At junior levels, it could be the thrill of working on cutting-edge technologies and scope for fearless experimentation. At mid levels, it could be the enriching first-hand experience of working on a solution end-to-end – something that would be unthinkable in larger organizations. At senior levels, you would get to work shoulder-to-shoulder with the best brains in technology and management, and in the process, develop yourselves into a well-rounded and dynamic personality.

You can feel the satisfaction of your efforts bearing fruits and your efforts meeting with deserved recognition – direct, without getting filtered through layers. In short, you will place your career in an accelerated mode where your possibilities are virtually limitless.

What we look for:

In addition to your technical know-how and skills, we look for virtues that are characteristic of the top performer that we expect you to be.

If these excite you, you are at the right place

What we can do for you:

We acknowledge that you, as our employees, are our greatest assets. We are prepared to go the extra mile to ensure that you are taken very good care of. We promise you:

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