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When you outsource the development of customized software for your organization, who is safe-guarding your interests? Your outsourcing vendors may attempt to reduce their costs or meet deadlines by cutting corners that could compromise the usability, reliability, maintainability or performance of the application. This is where Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) becomes a critical part of any project.

With our  vast experience, we can drive the IV&V based on industry standard such as IEEE 1012 or any other audit standard proprietary to the customer. The audit will cover areas including management process, acquisition, supply, software development, operation process and maintenance process. Software development will involve the verification and validation of Concept, Requirements, Design, Implementation, Test and Installation phases.

One of the key success factors in an IV&V engagement is the adeptness of the team in handling soft issues. Our highly qualified auditors’ pool has the wherewithal to the handle the technical, managerial, and the sensitive cultural issues with great assurance. 

Yet another critical success factor is the audit organization’s quickness with evaluating and redefining processes and procedures. Our Process Assets Repository is a rich source of processes and procedures, checklists, templates, metrics and their benchmarks that can be customized to specific situations.

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